Parents! They can't do it without you


Confused by your students behavior?

It is possible to have trouble focusing on some things and not on others.  Have you witnessed your student being able to play video games for hours, but not be able to focus long enough to put away laundry?  A coach can help the student recognize behaviors and develop tools to overcome procrastination.

You know your student is smart, but their grades don't show it

We can work together to figure out where the disconnect is.  Is the work being done and not handed in?  Does the student know how to plan for a long term project?  A coach would get to the root of the problem.  I am also familiar with twice exceptional students and other co-existing conditions that might effect their ability to do well in school.

Set your student up for success

A coach/student relationship will set your student up for success as they go through the school year.  It could be just what they need; a weekly session that puts everything in order and lessens the burden of disorganization.  I always proceed with a client assuming that they want to do well.  Together we need to find what is holding them back.

Coach as an accountability partner

You have been trying to be both parent and homework police.  With a coach involved, you can hand over the accountability piece and start to enjoy your teenager.  Coaching the student can have the side benefit of a better parent/child relationship.

Ready for your student to move forward?

Coaching can break the cycle of feeling like nothing is working.  Together with your student, I will work on discovering the right strategies for them.

Would you feel more comfortable being a part of the coaching process?

Although the coaching relationship is confidential, I would welcome your participation.  Depending on the age of the student, we can work out a coaching schedule that involves the parents participation.  I can also coach parents separately from their students.  ADHD can impact the family dynamic and parents often benefit from their own coaching sessions.